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FAQ for fencing & gates

We get a lot of questions about design and installation of fencing and gates.

Here’s some of our most frequently asked questions… and our answers.

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I’ve always had businesses, prior to this it was a mussel farm, when I sold that, a friend who owned a fencing business offered me work during the Christmas break, soon he mentored me and thereafter with his blessing I went out on my own. 

Yes, I am very active in our community, married with 2 adult children. 

Yes so are we, however I’m very well known in our region, my family have been living here for generations, my siblings own businesses here as does my wife. I’m on the board of the Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce and I am the president of the Mangles Bay Fishing Club. 

We recommend you don’t attach any heavy items to your fencing, unless adequate support posts are installed.

Most commonly, residential fences are limited to a maximum height of 1800mm in the backyard and 900mm in the front yard. Privacy fences can rise up to 2100mm tall, blocking neighbours' views and safely securing energetic pets.

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